PC version (Different planet types)

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PC version (Different planet types)

Post by danznl84 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:02 am

The planets should consist of different terrains and dangers.
If theres variety it makes the game more fun and enjoyable.

Types of planets:

Rocky/sand-native species, kordor aliens (small body with a big brain exposed greyblue skin, big eyes, - traders and non violent- desert mites, a bug that attacks in packs and feast on metal and flesh.

Forest- native species pharolines- cat face humanoid bodies, experts in war, love to trade and are defensive against attackers- corteks a breed of aliens who have no understanding and eat flesh for a leaving (human body- shorf- and onehuge eye- and sharp teeth

swamps- moisture, ponds, and lots of jungle, need a hovercraft to travel around in planet, native species -humans- swamp eaters ( fish face, like the green monster from the lake horrod stories and movies) randomly appear in the water and take people down to the water to feast on them- mineral: plutonium, argon gas.


Under water -native species Squitos humanoid with squid face and tentcle mustages. Extrmely territorial, hate outsiders- the kraken a giant squid that attacks under water bases- mineral under water oil and ore.

Astroid: rocky surface, extremely dangerous due to possible astroid collision on surface - mineral titanium

A planet like (cloud city) with no floor just clouds. - tourist place to make a base and attract tourists, inside base you can produce stuff.

I could post more buts its 4:02 am in Texas

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Re: PC version (Different planet types)

Post by stevetranby » Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:48 pm

Love the ideas. Check out http://starcommandgalaxies.com/ and hopefully we covered most of your planet types currently as completed tile art assets that will make their way into the game eventually.
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