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My suggestions

Post by gamemaniax » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:21 pm

Improved Pathfinding
Ive been playing many games to know that Pathfinding can be troublesome to code. In SC instance, if two or more crew move to a same tile, the remaining crew will just stand near the tile doing if the tile was already occupied. Meaning instead of shooting, fixing, or healing, the crew member will just stand there waiting until the tile is empty and ready to be occupied. This is bad, especially when dealing with boarders. I suggest the developers remove the waiting time and end the pathfinding routine if the tile was already occupied so that the crew and start doing their assigned task.

Double Tap to Select Same Colored Crew
I know there's already an option to zoom in with double tap, but i think this feature is better than the last. This will help micromanaging a lot, especially when moving groups of people, since grouping crew member is not a feature in the game yet. If the crew is in a room, double tapping that crew will select same colored crew (ie all tactical are selected, or all engineers) inside that room. If the crew member is outside a room, double tapping the crew will select same colored crew in near the crew's vicinity or all same colored crew outside room (depending which coding is easier for the developer)

*Following Suggestions will need Global changes to the game*
Range from one planet to another is now called 'Click'
Sol - Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars
mercury to earth = 2 clicks
mercury to mars is = 3 clicks
mercury to mars and back to venus = 5 clicks
-You will have x% chance to have random encounter between clicks. chance goes higher in enemy teritory
- encounters can be vary ranging from hostile (mostly) to funny spoofs

Simple Away Missions
I've read about developer asking ideas about away tactical mission to make it more like x-com. This is good in improving tactical gameplay. I also suggest a simpler away missions which the developers may take into considerations:
-You send away x number of crew with specific requirements (ie 2 tactical crew and one scientist or 1 engineer and 2 scientists etc etc)
-The crew will return after x "clicks" (meaning, you will battle or do missions with less crew)
-The reward will vary ranging from tokens and xp for selected crew for the missions, to other stuff needed research / crafting (which i will explain in my suggestion below), or even extra crew with boosted stats

Crafting / Research
You can further increase damage and efficiency of the crew via Research and crafting
- Research tokens can be provided by Science Crews
- Crafting tokens can be provided by Engineering Crews
- Tokens are generated after a number of "clicks". The higher your crew levels, the less clicks it requires to generate one
- The cost of token for each research / crafting option varies

Suggested Crafting / Research:
- Improved Token Box Blueprint (R) -> Improved Token Box (C); token box will now has extra tab to store your extra tokens
- Survival Training (R) -> Crowbar (C) -> Your engineering and scientist now can attack nearby enemies if there no people who people who needs healing or no fire to be extinguished nearby.
- Allegedly Legal Stimulants (R) -> Stimpacks (C) - Your scientist now has the abilty to give tactical crew extra damage when they are not healing

Captain Skills
Captain will have unique Skills that you can choose every 10 levels. Suggested Skills:
- Insipire Leadership: AoE crews shoot, heals, fix x% faster for x seconds
- Ooga-Chaka: An ancient primitive Earth warcry that make AoE tactical crews shoot x% faster and deal x% more damage
- Alamo Protocol: Nearby AoE crew gains shields that absorbs incoming damage for x seconds or until shield depleted
- Lazarus Manuever (Passive): When going gets tough, the tough gets running. Your crew are now very adapt at running away from danger so fast they made Usain Bolt as their patron God. This gives them x% chance to dodge incoming attack and runs at least 75% faster. But that also means they suck at everything else lowering their heal, fix, and damage dealing by x%
- Ramsay Procedure (Passive): You and your crew are master of trash talking and taunts. All hostile alien boarding your ship will now go after Bridge crew

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Re: My suggestions

Post by Roddy » Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:01 am

There are some suggestions................below
1. The ship can freely move, when zoomed out to the outside view, and maybe the AI can automatically fire?
1.0. The ships have floor Levels, that be awsome!
2. Have Fighter bay, for 2,4,6,8 storage of aircraft (depending on size of the ship)
3. In the bay the pilots will hangout, (just like in the rest of the rooms, people are assigned to)
4. Aircraft mechanics, will perform repairs on fighters if damaged
5. different type of fighters
6. have Anti Air defense rooms (the enemy too will have fighters!)
7. Research Room, to perform advance upgrades
8. Cafeteria, for spaceship personal to go eat
9. More Gadgets for the rooms
10. enemies cant open room doors
11. more space creatures
12. more race of aliens
13. Diplomacy with different races
14. Space Stations for planet defenses (with rooms like: Armory, Security, AA defenses, Ion Laser rooms, Pulsar Laser rooms, Torpedo Rooms, Cafeterias, Fighter bay, Civilian population (npc characters (of all kinds) who roam around the space base, make it look alive) , reserch rooms, etc.
15. Different sizes of space stations
16. FLEET COMMANDING, Not only have one ship, but at lease 5, (escort ships, Frigates, Cruisers, Capitalships, Destroyers,)
17: be able to edit all the Ships under your fleet, just like the original mobile game, be able to zoom in to see the crew and command them
18. Planet gadgets, advance sonar system (to detect nearby movement), Repair Yards (to repair Fleets), Civilian Space Stations (to have a population count and recruitment you must have those)
19. Have a income system set up, to gain credits to expand your fleet, Space Stations, Gadgets, Recruitment, be able to trade with neutral and allied race's.
20. have a resource to explode, to sell, or use to construct your fleets, Metal, Ore, ions, etc
21. The security teams are automatically activated to defend, in case of boarding
22. More different type of droids, that last and don't necessarily need to auto loose their life.
23. My brain is frying of thinking to much,,,,,error* error* error* :idea:

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