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Re: PC Bug- Captain Creator

Post by Tailor » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:26 pm

Having watched a bit of YouTube and played a bit more with the 12030 version:

-The nav screen left/right arrows are gone from the confirmation screen (yay), but the keyboard controls (left and right) can still change the destination in the background.

-The crew groupings don't save. I'm not sure if they're supposed to.
--Hit a occasionally-repeatable crash when clicking between the "add/remove crew from group state" button and the "select group" button

-The crew get experience and go up in ranks, but they don't get any special abilities or specialty points.

-The only tokens in the game are the "I" tokens. No shields, dodge, or any other special kind. The captain does seem to have a target (fire?) special available when selected, but it doesn't do anything.

-The staggered text for names is neat looking, but it doesn't fit in most of the places it's used.
--load screen
--confirm name change screen
--status bar across the top after you click them

-Speaking of crew, when in the crew info/skills screen, push right (keyboard or arrow) moves to the next crew member. Pushing left (arrow or keyboard) skips back to the first (alphabetically) crew member.

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