My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

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My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

Post by Nieman07 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:05 pm

I'd first like to say how much I really love this game. I've been waiting for a game like this to come out ever since I got my iPhone.
I really can't wait for updates to this game.. In the mean time I thought I would just throw you guys and gals some of my suggestions of what I would like to see in the game.

Firstly I think the bridge should have assigned jobs within its self, and that crew members have to be assigned to the specific job station in order to perform the job.

Damage control: crew member will highlight on the screen damaged areas of the ship and give reports of "Rooms" going offline and how much damage the ship has taken percentage wise .. Maybe even have it where the can put out fires with a fire suppressing system.. Puts out the fires so repairs can be made faster

Communication relay: crew member can receive messages and comunnincate in and out of battle. Maybe even receive side quest missions and orders, or maybe even request reinforcements.

Navigator: Direct the ship throught the galaxies and systems. Can contortions engender output. Have the engender where the can exceed 100% for short amounts of time but could potentially fail or break down by doing so

Mainly I would like to see these jobs because I Don't like the fact that I could have no one on the bridge during a battle and still run a ship. In my opinion you shouldnt be able to have the whole crew out fighting boarding parties in the halls and still be able to run the bridge as of there was a whole crew in there. I'd have it too where the these jobs/systems could be knocked you and damaged by enemy attacks thus requiring repairs. (Ex: communications relay was destroyed, can communicate or accept missions till its repaired

I would have it where there were designated stations for the crew members to be assigned to and once assigned they go sit at the designated area until otherwise ordered.. I like this because if you don't need them there at the job right at the moment you could pull them off and have them go fight but in doing so lose the ability to preform whatever job they were previously doing.

Another thing I think would be awesome to have is a cargo hold.
You could have it where you could accept cargo to transport for missions and have to avoid/ fight off pirates, OR Attack ships and steal their cargo or parts off their ships to sell for tokens or to upgrade your own ship. Also may e have it where when you take too much enemy fire the cargo can get knocked over it messed up to the point you have to send someone in afterwards to reprgainize it
The upgrades for this room could be like

Forklifts: load and unload cargo faster (you could have it where you can be fending off an attack while trying to load/steal cargo, and fork lift would get the job done faster so you could flee)
Organizing Shelving: hold more cargo
Better restraints: less cargo will be knocked over when taking enemy fire

I think too this game should have random encounter battle while jumping through hyperspace. To add an element of excitement.. Get ambushed by pirates or run into a enemy war ship OR even run into an asteroid belt or cluster and just have to shoot rocks

Side quest battles that you could do anytime.. Like to just grind and not progress the story at all. Just to steal cargo or transport cargo, or patrol an area...Hunt down pirates or accept random distress signals to help allies, That sort of stuff

I'd like to see more options for crew members too
More ship obviously too and more ways to customize them
And obviosly the ability to board enemy ships too.
Dock with space stations for repairs and hull upgrades..that sort of stuff

that's all the suggestions I have right now. Like I said I really enjoy this game and think it have a lot of potential to be so ridiculously awesome. I would be willing to pay more money if need be too, that's how much I enjoy this game. I know this is a lot of stuff to devlop gaming wise but it would be so awesome if you did. :D

Thank you for the awesome game

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Re: My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

Post by kingposiedon » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:14 am

Interesting ideas some might be a bit hard but it would make the game have a much more realistic feel.
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Re: My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

Post by Han » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:57 pm

Those are some very cool ideas that I would also love to see implemented!
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Re: My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

Post by Spacemarine658 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:32 pm

Same here

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Re: My awesome suggestions for an awesome game

Post by jpcoombs » Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:35 pm

These are good - really love the positions on the bridge. A lot of the stuff you have talked about we have discussed - it always an issue of scope. But for instance, the random encounters while in hyperspace takes care of more than just one problem - at addresses random encounters, what engineering does and something new to do in ship-vs-ship combat. So its a good idea.

We played with positions on the bridge very early in the design but felt like the game got unwieldy and very micro. Maybe we can re-examine it now.
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