New room: Robotics bay

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New room: Robotics bay

Post by Han » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:11 pm

So this room I came up with would be an engineering room with a big robot in the center. He would require ammo tokens to activate for like 30 sec and you could move him around your ship. Some benefits of his:
- Magnetic feet so can heal wall breaches
- Tank in fights
- Exceptional healer
- Regenerates health outside of battle
- Has powerful melee attack that knocks down foes

His name will be Jarvis and here are his upgrades:

Defensive capabilities override:
Sacrifices Jarvis to create a super sentry turret that is pretty good. Cannot change back to normal form after activation.

Titanium detrilium hypercooliflyon padded armor:
allows Jarvis to survive longer and now has more life.

Fulton automatic generator:
Ammo tokens 20% faster

Thanks for reading and leave a comment! :D
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