Last Man On Ship prt. 3

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Last Man On Ship prt. 3

Post by THEREALJEML » Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:06 pm

Day 15 - today we are heading to the trilax space station and Gabriel is dead he died when he was asleep so rest well Gabriel we had good times.... We did not...

Day 17 - I have reached the moon of nargon and in orbit the trilax space station looking deserted... and destroyed from all sides, what happened there? It did not look like a space battle, in curiosity I landed inside the station and by all the lights and apparently sounds (I was in the vacuum of space so I could not hear anything) the station was on red alert.... I went back inside my ship to get a blaster. I was extremely focused that I felt like I could sense when someone is behind me.

30 minutes after the landing inside the trilax space station I found a dark hallway I quick scanned the hallway with my scanner (found one inside the ship so FREE STUFF!) and there was no one there but I was getting an S.O.S signal from the hallway so I turned on my flash light and when inside the Hallway. It was so quiet and scary inside that for some reason I could hear my own footsteps Echo through the hallway and when I turned around I saw a pink light fade away behind me... I DONT LIKE THIS AT ALL I feel like if I'm in one of those scary games but instead of the person that can die and start all over again it's ME and I have no idea on how to actually do that so I started to run until I slammed myself to a metallic door that was open so I hid there until this all.......goes..... Back to... Normmmm........

End of part 3

What could have happened to the main character? (Still no name so I would like it if anyone would vote for a name) so stay tuned because I am not finished/ please say like on the comments, I would love to know if you guys are liking this story so that I know how I am doing

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