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Captain Reed's Love Triangle (somewhat picture heavy)

Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 1:18 pm
by Thorntonreed
Captain Reed's log, stardate: 23.9 rounded off to the.. nearest decimal point.

Today, the crew of the Megazord and I traveled to the distant planet of Mars in hopes of finding life, but we were instead greeted by a hoard of Zombies. Terrible smelling, the monsters were, we did our best to fight off the ever growing swarm. Sadly, all but our main cannoneers were forced into the dodge bay, in a desperate attempt to keep the swarm together in order to perform a quick extermination. As you can see below, this began in our advantage.

Sadly, due to the incompetence of one of our science officers (I will not name any names *cough*EEEP*cough*) we lost the majority of our force.

In a last ditch attempt at saving as much carbon-based life as possible, I gave the order to fall back to the healing bay, seeing as how we had already destroyed their blasted ship and they had already taken the majority of our crew along with them during the firefight.

Upon our arrival, I ordered Esperanza to quickly run off to the bridge to put on a red skin tight jump suit and grab herself a blaster. Of course, I also mentioned that she should not go so fast, as Princess Saark and I had to begin the copulation process in order to repopulate the ship in a reasonable amount of time.

She returned just as I was zipping my suit back up when she finally noticed that there was a train of these foul zombies following closely behind her. They had begun bursting through the other door, so I called for them both to gather around the warmth of my body for emotional comfort in this, our hour of need.

The overwhelming feeling of love and pure seduction on my part must have given my two new vixens the will to push forward and continue the fight, as we were eventually able to fight off the massive swarm!

Following every successful repelling of an enemy force, it is customary aboard the Megazord that at least two female officers retire to the Captain's chambers in order to (among other things) watch him drink brandy and smoke very, very expensive cigars. And seeing as how Princess Saark and Esperanza are the only two female officers left aboard my ship, they promptly (and happily, I might add) volunteered to accompany me into the (as I like to call it) Chamber of Love.

Let us not ever forget the sacrifices that our brave officers made on this day. They will forever be remembered aboard the Megazord. Or at least until we fill their positions with others that are competent enough to stay alive.

Their spirits will live on for eternity within the ship. They are as followed:


Captain Thornton Reed, Megazord, Commanding

Re: Captain Reed's Love Triangle (somewhat picture heavy)

Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 4:30 pm
by Husker
This is... Interesting to say the least.

Re: Captain Reed's Love Triangle (somewhat picture heavy)

Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 4:40 pm
by Zavier
I am glad you can't rename the bridge...


Re: Captain Reed's Love Triangle (somewhat picture heavy)

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 2:19 am
by XidanePayne
50 Shades of Pixels.... kinky, i like it :lol:

Btw, i don't think you've got... excuse me, you had an incompetent crew. I think their leader preferred hoes before bros, thus most of your manpower was chewed on :lol: