The ship that survived THE CORTEX Part:1

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The ship that survived THE CORTEX Part:1

Post by kingposiedon » Sun May 26, 2013 4:53 am

Recently the Star Command ship "Victorious" was exploring the Tarsus system.

"I have this strange feeling like something is threatening us do you feel it captain?" said officer Lilliana Mendez. "Sort of but it reminds me of something my trainer was about to tell me about right before he was murdered he said something about receiving strange feelings when heading to Cranus." replied Captain Malonius.
In fact every crew member on that ship felt it. The captain told all tactical crew members to move into the hallways except the machine gun and plasma rocket operators to start them up.

As the Victorious got out of hyperspace it started receiving strange signals a giant bronze structure with an extremely large amount of glass. Then we realised it was the indestructible CORTEX we then received a hail signal on the command display then was surprised to see a group of Cortex completely unarmed though they kept asking if they could put our brains into glass bowls I refused and they got so angry I mean wow why was refusing to put my brain in a glass bowl offending an entire nation?

Then right at that moment the Cortex were throwing their biggest plasma missiles at us, BOOM BOOM BOOM the bridge was like a bonfire there were two collisions and all my bridge members except Captain Malonius. Three dead in the first ten seconds of battle I brought my engineers up and as they walked up the hallway the Cortex sent another HUGE plasma missile and that was it another two dead in the first thirty seconds. Then finally my plasma torpedo charged up and I missed every shot

Written by King Posiedon
Why don't you just let me put your brain in a glass bowl i mean its not like the end of the world!
(Only one reported case of fish in a Cortex's glass bowl it touched the brain dead.)

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