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Lucky Ducky

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:53 pm
by robert2000
My Crew Captain Shark, Johnny, Abraham, Man, Girl, Saark, Austyn, Ham, and TT going to The Antorian homeworld confident that we were going to win. When we got into Antoria space we were met by an Antorian Battleship. Being hailed and disagreeing we go into battle hoping to win, but within the first 4 minutes my engine room is in flames, my medic room being assaulted, and my Machine gun got hit and destroyed. The game looked like it was over for me than with ham an TT we went and assaulted the antorians in the medic room in a last ounce of health Ham through a grenade killing him and TT in the blast and putting the medic room out of business. With the antorians invasion down for now I decided to send out Man and Girl to fix our medic room. After they fixed it I sent johnny to the machine gun room but while walking there a laser made a whole breach that sent Johnny out into the deep dark soundless space, gone he was there and then he was gone. With my machine gun room down I had no choice but to send Man to help the plasma cannon. Two minutes later,my armory destroyed, my bridge a blaze I had no choice but to pray and send every one to the plasma cannon. In a last hope Me, Abraham, Man, Girl, and Saark ran for our life towards the plasma cannon but in a split second a bunch of antorians appeared before me with no choice me and my troops had to fight for our lifes, One minute later, Girl is dead, Abraham injured, We ran to the plasma cannon with Austin helping us we all got in but when we got in a hull breach opened sucking Austin out into the cold dead space filled with my ships parts. I had no choice but get on the plasma cannon and within minutes I destroyed the antorian battleship but at what cost? After defeating Me and Saark were the only ones left we were the lucky ones then out of no where captain micari came out and within minutes my ship was destroyed, my troops bodies floating in space with mine with it with my ship the Lucky Ducky pieces with me, "The Captain goes down with ship". I was told by one of my crew members and unfortunately it happened

The end