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Barely hanging on

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:38 pm
by CommanderQwerty
It was the showdown between me and that Antorian dreadnought scum. After all that trash talk in which the Antorian captain showed lack of good communication, I set to the task of fortifying my ship. 4 people inside the machine gun room, the captain, a medic and two gunners. In the dodging room, 2 red shirts with guns and 2 mechinacs. One more group of people in the plasma torpedo room. Almost like the machine gun room, except no medic but an engineer instead. The battle was on. Two mass hits to the ship and it creates a breach right next to the door of the plasma torpedo room. Great. Now my guys are trapped in there, at least they would be safe... In the dodging room, my two tactical officers were fighting it spartan mode. Getting tossed around, shot up but still going. My expert science officer rushes past the heavys and gets to work healing them. Another hit and the wall opposite the machine gun room is blown out. With no reinforcements, it looks like the people in the dodging room are on their own. Another hit is blocked by the people in the dodging room and a crisis is averted. Now it looks like the odds are in my favour. A boarding party beams aboard right next to my blown up wall and get sucked into oblivion. With the shields gone on their ship, this fight might be done early. Maybe not. As I send my tactical officer to the dodging room, (the breached wall only faces one door) he makes a stupid mistake. He bumps into some guy and goes the OTHER way. Out the door and into space. Great job. Almost... Almost... Yes! One hit more hit from a plasma torpedo and the Antorian dreadnought goes down in history. Now back to earth to replace that dim witted officer.