Mutant Zombies.

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Mutant Zombies.

Post by GrayHound » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:03 am

Entry Log #27

This is Lieutenant Gray Hound.
My crew and I traveled to Lazarus to assist Some scientists in need, I sent
Chief Walton to do some scans but before he even beemed over BANG!

A cannon fired at us, It sent Engineer Dillon running out of the dodge generator, engulfed in
Flames. Fortunately, we took the fire out of him, but there came an unwanted visitor.
I dealt with these before but not these types, they had the same speed but were
Stronger and came in larger numbers.

At least There was no ship to be firing at, so I sent all my tactical crew to handle them,
And I was unaware of the mayhem to ensue...

We were overpowered by their numbers and decided to hide in the engine room.
***** this ship had to be a Tyson; the zombies were coming down and on the sides and to make things
Worse, There was only one door.

And as soon as my crew went in, so did they.
The trilaxian Goliath was fighting bravely but was soon being taken down by the
Overwhelming numbers of them, And I was about to have a similar fate...

Until they disappeared...

We were all astonished by their sudden disappearance but Dunt explained
What happened, we killed so many of them, they couldn't send anymore.

Dillan went to work while I stayed, looking upon the corpse of Goliath.
You've done well Goliath, I kept repeating in my thoughts until I finished with "May you find Peace."
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