Manners and Being Polite

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Manners and Being Polite

Post by Ikmalmn » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:39 pm

Hello there young cadets...I would like to speak on our politeness and manner throughout this forums (as you can tell on the title)

I have and idea if we...(below)

-Give some cheers to the peeps who newly joined and posted (etc "Welcome to the forum young cadet")
-Always give answer to all question wether if its newbish or just plain old hard
-give a beginner great respect to encourage them to visit the forums often
-Also give peeps cheers for those who we haven't seen for a while (1 month)

(Ran out of really nice and kind ideas :x )

Hope you people be polite give respect to others no matter what age,colour,race,or body problem that there haves...:)

(Only 1 of the ideas is quite close and similar to the rules that have been given)

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