sorta used to it now..noob tips

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sorta used to it now..noob tips

Post by machstem » Mon May 06, 2013 8:43 pm

Hey all,

I posted recently with a frustrated review on the game. I've come back to admit that I have taken some more time to play, and I'm doing Muuuuuch better. Here are some tips for the noobs who have just come in:
  • The first couple missions, concentrate on keeping 1 person in the weapons(red) room, one in the shield(blue) recharge room and one in the "Dodge Generator"(orange) room.

    Try and get two medics on your ship, with 1 more person used in the Command Room.

    Take your captain and another red shirt with you into the hallway, BEFORE YOU JUMP TO NEW PLANET. Set them up against the inner walls/hallways, keep them away from exterior walls or too close to them

    Bring one of your medics within 2-3 spaces from your captain and keep your red shirt in front of him: you'll know when, once you are boarded. Let your red shirt take the blunt.

    Your captain can shoot farther, so keep him back and eventually use his "skill" (note: this is where the active pause feature would come in handy)

    When you hear a warning sound and you see the red target on your ship, ignore the first one and instead concentrate on keeping your shields up

    While they board, try to "aggro" them to your two man crew with one of the engineers (note: always keep an engineer handy and in view, they will be a nice aggro while they repair, and if your medic is nearby, you can heal him)

    The token system is awkward at first, but you'll get used to it. Only use the dodge when you are out of shields. note: You can hold two tokens at a time, so make sure your 2 tokens are ready for dodge, weapon, shields

    When you win battles, try and focus on orange and red tokens first, make your hits count while you get used to the mini-games.

    Eventually when you have a large number of members to use (9-10), you can really do some damage to the boarding enemy if you just setup a line by the doors. Keep one medic out, one in with the shield regen (i use the princess). Only use the captain for extra firepower, get your team upgrading their skill sets.

    Only really use the dodge when you see several red targets on your screen. Once they hit, they normally board you, get those shields back up right away and DON'T FORGET TO CLICK FOR MORE TOKENS. I can't say this last part enough. It's completely awkward the way it works. Make that a priority to keep your minions working toward the next token.

    Save just before you jump sectors, and if all else fails, load up and go somewhere else.

    You can visit old sectors later but get less rewards (grinding)
All this stuff was pretty random, I know.

I hope someone will get something useful out of my rant :)

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