How to Report Bugs

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How to Report Bugs

Post by Zavier » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:37 am

    Star Command Beta Bug Reporting Guidelines
    • Thread: (each player should only have one for their bugs)
      • title should be [Bug Report] - your forum name
    • Device (only first post unless it changes):
      • Hardware: List your device (ex: Samsung Galaxy S3 not just Samsung Galaxy)
      • OS Version: currently installed Android OS version
    • Report Body:
      • ID: first initial + number (ex: Z42)
      • Summary: short description of the issue and what you were doing when it happened if applicable
      • Reproducible: can you repeat this bug? if so, note that and include a step-by-step list
      • Comments: list any additional details we need to know
      • Severity: rate the bug's severity on a scale of 1 (minor) to 5 (major)
      • Build: release number of Star Command you're currently running (ex: 61 or 62)
      • Difficulty: (Normal/Hard/Black Hole)
      • Ship/Hull Type: (Small Armstrong/Medium Tyson/Large Hawking)
      • Screenshot(s): if necessary, attach 1 or more screenshots to illustrate (does not need to be inline or full size)
    Please include all the labels as shown for each bug report; use N/A if a particular field isn't relevant.

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