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Alpha 3 bugs and gripes

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:17 pm
by Romah
Hello.. Just bought the game... I understand its Alpha but so far its a bit disappointing as its virtually unplayable.
From the videos Ive seen I was expecting planetary landing and ship customization. What Ive downloaded is not at all what I expected.
Honestly, despite of it being Alpha its pretty much false advertising and I was very tempted to file for a refund.
With everything said, I cant wait for this to be fixed and playable. The goal looks good at least.

Here are the main issues I came across. (not including the missing content)

1) The enemy ship fires on my ship when there is no enemy crew at the weapon stations.
2) The enemy ship fires on my ship even after being utterly destroyed. A ghost.
3) The enemy ship fires on my crew that have boarded and are inside of it, instantly killing my crew. (raiding the enemy is useless because of this)
4) The crew do not respond or do what I tell them to do. (They do not fire on the enemy or heal allies)
5) Using a tv will glitch the sound to play in a loop regardless of it being used or not.
6) A crew had a food pod in his inventory. Attempting to place it on a ground makes it disappear.
7) No way to move equipment around that I can tell
8) No side scrolling ability makes for a frustrating and clunky experience.
9) Cannot start a new game without exiting entirely.
10) No way for me to download previous versions. Especially annoying since A3 is not even barebones of what is advertised, missing features from previous versions.

Im sure I will find more issues past the 30 frustrating minutes Ive spent.

Re: Alpha 3 bugs and gripes

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:42 pm
by Redilif1
I noticed most of those too.

I found that if attempting to teleport while there was no enemy, the teleport effect would loop over top of the character.

Also saw a food pellet crate outside the ship a ways (NE). Maybe that's where the crate from the crew member's inventory goes...

Sometimes when unit's happiness/loyalty improves, there will be purple rectangles in place of the symbols.

Was not able to repair ship hull, when breached.

I suggest to somehow make targeting boarders standing in doorways a little easier.

I hope my fellow testers will show some patience, so that we can all benefit from more points of productive input!

Re: Alpha 3 bugs and gripes

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:39 pm
by Romah
3.1 runs better with no crashing but almost every issue still persists

Re: Alpha 3 bugs and gripes

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:23 pm
by stevetranby
I'm told Alpha 4 should glue the previous alpha components together (A1: ship building, A2: planet exploration, and A3: battles) along with the work in progress on navigation and simple missions with conversation. Hopefully it'll improve or fix many of these issues.