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Smaller, faster updates

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:09 pm
by ZCKman
For both iOS and Galaxies it is never clear when we are going to get an update. On the site for galaxies it says "Our current plan is to continue to work on the alpha, bringing monthly updates with new features until we feel like the game is complete" it has most certainly not been monthly. Please do not read this wrong I don't mean it as strict criticism, I am just suggesting maybe instead of trying to pack a lot into a big update, have smaller monthly ones that way we can see the progression in the games development, suggestions will be easier because we will see what the dev teams are working on, we can stay entertained with the new updates, and we can be guaranteed that the dev teams are actually going to deliver what you promise. The game seems to be full of future updates and great potential but the last iOS update was nearly 2 years ago, and the Galaxies game hasn't been updated in four months and we don't have a release date for the next update. There are a lot of things that seem so far off in the game that its hard to tell if they will ever be added, faster updates can help the fans (like myself) get involved in the game and know whats coming. Thats my suggestion.

Comments anyone? I want to know if this is just me or if anyone else thinks this can help...

Re: Smaller, faster updates

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:53 pm
by Tacitus
Countless others, as well as myself, have told them this in some form or another, but the bottom line is that they are a VERY small team making quite the game. It's hard to keep people happy and interested in your product when development times for teams this small take years. They've been trying to NOT name release dates so as not to break any promises.

Unfortunately, the only answers are faith and patience. They've mentioned a new update for Galaxies is coming soon and is supposed to be a rather large one. Also, bear in mind that they are one small team working on two separate games being release across multiple platforms...these things take a lot of time. They know how bad we want it, that's why they are so quiet. Time spent on the forums addressing things or updating their website is time that they feel is better spent on the game and I can't really fault them for that.

It's safe to say I want this as bad as anybody, but it's better to take your time and release a great game then to hurry and try to fix a bad one.

Re: Smaller, faster updates

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:59 am
by ginger528
Keep in mind that they have already tried to do something as massive as this, but between their small dev team and the major claims they had made they were only able to come out with a much smaller version of that game. Now I think that with galaxies they're trying again, and intend to make the game just as massive as they promise, so just remember that they almost certainly will make this game a hit. I have faith in them :D