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Forum Rules

Post by Zavier » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:46 am

Forum Rules:

Please read our forum rules carefully. You are responsible for your actions, regardless of your knowledge of these guidelines. Failure to adhere to our rules will result (through the discretion of our volunteer moderators) will result warnings, unless otherwise noted. If you believe you've been unfairly punished, please contact a Developer.

1) These forums are a privilege, not a right. All Star Commanders, new and old, should be treated with respect. Though disagreements will occur, understand that people have a right to their own opinions. There is never a reason to go beyond the topic to discuss the actions or behaviors of your fellow Commanders.

2) This is a forum for discussion, not debate. We reserve the right to take action against those who knowingly agitate other users without explicitly breaking the rules.

3) Do not discriminate against other commanders: Do not discriminate against other Commanders based on their age, sex, race, nationality, disability, sexuality or religion.

4) No Flaming/Trolling/Baiting: Deliberate flaming, hostile or insulting comments, or trolling of any kind will not be tolerated and swift action will be taken against any user. If you see a situation arising, do not respond and immediately alert a Mod. You can do so by either private messaging a Moderator or by using the Report Post function found on the top right of every post.

5) No impersonating a Developer or Moderator: Impersonating a Developer or Mod and/or misquoting a Developer or Mod will result in immediate punishment, including but not limited to permanent bans.

6) Do not harass our volunteer moderators: Of all the wrongs one could do on our forums, this is one of the most frowned upon. Our volunteer moderators offer their free time to provide a safe and organized experience for you. Harassment of our volunteer moderators, whether publicly or via private messaging, will result in your permanent removal from our forums. If you have an issue with a moderator, contact a Developer directly via PM.

7) Do not spam bump old posts: Bumping old and outdated posts simply clutters sections of the forum, decreasing the ability to find current information. Bumping is allowed if not in excess, as determined by the team.

8) No multi-posting: Please learn to use the quote function under the non-quick reply box.

9) Stay on topic: Every thread is bound to get off topic occasionally. However, you should always attempt to return to topic or take the discussion elsewhere. This especially goes for Sticky Threads. These threads are there for ease of use for all forum users.

10) No hacking: You are not permitted to hack any version of our game or to discuss hacking or topics involving hacking. This includes: modifying the game’s files, unofficial downloads or any other form of illegitimate means to obtain an advantage not intended by Warballoon. This includes the discussion of third-party tools designed to alter current files in our game. Modding, on the other hand, is the use of the official editing tools in the purpose of creating new content. Modding is allowed and encouraged. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a permanent ban.

11) No profanity or obscene content: We do have a censor system, but just because we filter your language doesn't mean you didn't still use the words. Cheating the censor system or excessive use of censored words is also against the rules.

12) No advertising: You are not permitted to use these forums as a means of advertising ANY product or service outside of the world of Star Commander. Fan sites are allowed as they relate to the game.

13) No double posting or spamming: Even the most valiant Commander is guilty of the occasional double post, but doing it in excess is not allowed. Spam is defined as a post that has no relevance to Star Command. This goes for “I quit” or other poster-focused threads (“I hate Space,” “I hate green aliens”) in which the poster does not explain his/her position. Constructive criticism is always accepted and encouraged as long as it is done appropriately and in the correct section of these forums. Spamming the Report Post function is also against forum rules. Reporting posts that are more than two weeks old is considered spamming.

14) No flagging other users: Do NOT name another user for breaking any forum rules. Under no circumstance should a user's actions or behaviors be called out in a derogatory fashion in any part of our forums. If you ever have an issue with another user, please utilize our Report Post button and our Report a Player section. The section is only viewable by forum admins and volunteer moderators.

15) No ban discussion: Do not talk about bans on the forums. If you want to know why you were banned, send an email to

Infraction Points/Punishments:

Infraction Point:

If you feel like you've been given an infraction point unfairly, please contact a Developer.
***Instant bans will be used if the Moderator/ Dev feels the posting warrants such.***
  • *One Warning = Change your demeanor
    *Two Warnings = One-Week Ban
    *Three Warnings = One-Month Ban
    *Four Warnings = Permanent Ban
  • *Deletion of Post or Thread: Post or threads that break forum rules will be removed.
    *Temporary Ban: You will be completely banned from participating on our forums for a set period of time. You can still read our forums.
    *Permanent Ban: You can never again participate on our forums, but you can still read posts and threads.
    *Bypassing Bans: Bypassing a permanent ban with an alternate account will result in the complete removal of access to our forums. You will not be able to participate or read this forum.

Reporting to Admin/Mods

You can report any post by selecting the Report Post button in the bottom left of a users post.
You can also report any player due to forum or In-Game conduct via our Report a Player section.
If you ever wish to, feel free to contact a forum moderator and/or administrator if you feel an issue garners immediate attention.

Search Feature: Try using the Search Feature under “Quick Links” before starting a thread for a specific question.



Although the administrators and moderators of Star Command Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of Star Command Forums will be held responsible for the content of any message.

The owners of Star Command Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

Forum Rules are subject to change at any time by the owners of Star Command Forums.
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