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Looking for Answers

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 8:08 pm
by Kaijudo
OK so I have a few questions I need answer.

1: After I beat the main story of Star Command, can I travel to any planet I want and just get into random missions (In the current build of the game, not the beta)

2: I download the the test version of the game for android and I like the new features. When are these new features going to be added to the game?

3: What is going on with this game?... I noticed that there is some other version of the game they're working on as well. Is Star Command getting the short end of the stick to accommodate for this new game?

4: Can you guys just give us a game editor so we can make our own missions and tweak the game to our liking.

Re: Looking for Answers

Posted: Sat May 30, 2015 2:50 pm
by stevetranby
This gives me a chance to answer or write up some stuff that we should eventually post on our main game website.

1. yes, it is intended that you can play random missions once completing the main story line until you decide you want to replace your ship and start the story over with your current crew

2. These features may or may not be added into the official release. We'd love to add them all, but as we work on them and test them and get feedback we will adjust our plans. Maybe we'll bring away teams into the story mode. Maybe we'll keep a single mode and have the sandbox portion occur by unlocking random missions along the way during the story and not have the ending where you can start over so it becomes sandbox once completing the game, and you can replace ship without starting a new game, etc. etc. etc.
2b. I'm glad to hear you like the new features. We'd love to get more feedback, ideally constructive negative feedback so we can improve upon them. Some things like the un-finished new combat weapons icons don't need to be reported as broken assets, since we know that they are not complete. Battle mechanics is a test of our 2nd revision on freeroam non-minigame battles, I'm not sure it's yet where we'd like it to be just yet.

3. Star Command (the original mobile game) has been ported to other platforms including desktop. We are working on new features to release as an update to the iOS/Android game, we also are releasing on Windows Store for all phone/tablet devices. We also have plans to release on the desktop Windows Store and Mac App Store. Steam release won't occur until after Galaxies is launched on that platform.
3b. Star Command does have fewer internal artist resources, but we are compensating with external paid contract work. Star Command Galaxies (SC:Galaxies or Galaxies for short) has had 5-8 team members (3 art, the rest coders) at various stages of development, Star Command (SC:Mobile or Mobile for short) has the same 1 coder that worked on the original game, with a little help the other 2 original art team members who used to work full time on mobile who now mostly work on galaxies, though we do share art where it makes sense to do so. We didn't work on mobile as much as we could have due to putting most of our efforts on Galaxies until late last year, at which point we put our efforts as described above back into the mobile game.

4. I'm working on getting the couple external tools we used along with a collection of assets together so people can start messing around or slightly modding the original game (SC:Mobile) at least with the desktop versions. It'd be fun to host a community download site which we don't control or own and allow iOS/Android and all devices to enable downloading community content packs. There will be plenty of limitations for now as our mobile system was somewhat rigidly defined (rooms of given sizes), missions scripts that are a little too verbose. Anyway know that we are thinking along the same lines.

Hope that helps explain things a bit.

Re: Looking for Answers

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:01 am
by Kaijudo
Yes you' have and I like what you said. I think allowing us to free roam and change ships with out re starting the story is a good idea, but I really love having a free roam option and a story option right at the start.

Where can I send feed back about the beta version?.... I'm using android by the way.

Re: Looking for Answers

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:49 pm
by stevetranby
Another build should be out shortly, but regardless you can post replies to the post in general discussion that is the "build released" post for the build # you are running.