The last stand of the Rybiltia

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The last stand of the Rybiltia

Post by Rybilton » Wed May 22, 2013 5:59 am

The antorian battle cruiser loomed overhead. The HMS RYBILTIA was big but it was small on comparison to this beast

- 3rd play through
-Final battle before admiral micari
- morale is low
- Half the crew is still repairing the ship or refuelling tokens
- Captain Rybilton himself stands in a flame filled bridge while the head engie extinguishes the flames at his feet

Foolishly the rybiltia and her crew had grown far too confident and now they where caught off guard

*the battle begins*

The total of the engineering department is still scattered thought the Tyson class ship repairing previous hull breeches and what not when the first of the target markers show up.

Several hull breeches apear in the engine room but none of the previous breeches in the bridge east and west corridors, and. Weaponry room openings reopen it's a miracle but it is short lived. The munitions are not the deadliest weapon the enemy uses suddenly a boarding party is about to beam straight outside the med room where a heavily inexperienced rookie doctor tends to some mortally wounded Red and yellow shirts.

Meanwhile in the bridge the captain still stood still as the head engie ran out of the room. Every tile bar the one the captain was standing on was now on fire. The head engineer ran as fast as he could only to be gunned down near the central dodging room. He some how manages to make it to the med bay that now contains half the crew due to a second landing party now attacking the Gunnery stations claiming the lives of Wayne solo a junior red shirt, Marcy Sheperd and James Reynolds both heavily experienced versatile crew.

He storms in his red health bar barely containing anything as the desperate crew turn and raise boasters towards the door

"What of the captain?" I often imagine the Lvl 3 doctor saying as he deals with the now nigh invincible 30+ redshirt who are near death

"Presumed dead lost among the flames"

Meanwhile on the bridge the Captain stands with his back to the flames facing out the door way.

*overview so far*

-shields down
-3-4 casualties with many more expected
-weapons unmanned and actually packed with fire ants and antorian Brutes
-Head engineer now forced to deal with threat of hull breech near med bay
-bulk of enemy forces mass outside bridge

The captain watches as the antorian horde approaches it is not fear that grips him. More of a heightened sense of things. He knows the weapons are down for he has not heard the laser cannon or machine gun fire for what seems like an eternity. He knows not how much of his crew still lives all he does know is there is only one way that he can win this battle. The captain stares down at his enemies and retrieves the grenade from his pocket he reaches back and throws it. It's a great throw possibly the breast throw star command has ever seen it lobs straight over the nearby ant army and lands out in the corridor blowing a hole sucking half a dozen ants into space

For a moment the captain was pleased...until another half a dozen beamed onto his ship...

*meanwhile in the med bay*
What was left of the redshirts after a death from a sudden case of heroism now decided to breakout and somehow fought there way back to the gun stations

Luckily despite the fire and ants no one was killed. The captain now made his way to the med bay swiftly after receiving a friendly blow from a antorian bruiser.

With the weapons back online the rybiltia had a proper chance this time. The battle by this stage became very even as a blue shirt was sent to each weapon room to keep the crew alive as they worked to keep the guns firing. Wave after wave of ants attacked but the skeleton crew of newly recruited red shirts ( when I say newly recruited I mean the head engie and the the doc assumed the roles of shepherd and Reynolds) and wounded veterans held them off

Eventually after many close scrapes the battle was won

The toll
- 5 deaths
- many many weapon tokens
- 75% of ship on fire

But the Rybiltia stood
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