IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by Kegan » Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:40 pm

Engineers: They can create traps for any invaders spiked walls, laser grid, air locks on the floor and other stuff like that

also the more people you have in the engine room the better chance you have to doge enemy attacks, and the ability to flee a battle

Ship combat: in the bridge you have this powerful attack to lunch all weapons at the same time dealing massive damage but it takes a long time to load

Also for the rock paper scissors attack chance rock you lunch a missile that does a lot of hull damage paper a laser that targets there shields specifically, and scissors is like small but precise attack the disables one system

New equipment:A probe that attaches itself to the enemy ship and slowly drains energy in a specifically targeted room and begins draining power from it

A mini ship that you can use to either board the enemy ship or attack it form a different position giving you more fire power

A distress button If your in front of a friendly planet and your fighting an enemy you can call for back up you couldn't control the other ship because they would be computer operated
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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by Eng.Ofc.Burger » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:07 pm

What about the crew member having to man the weapon or system. So if i wanted to fire my missile there would need to have a crew member at a control station or display, etc.

Also being able to board the enemy's ship.

Groups? So then you could have a crowd control group and a defense group.

Space Stations so then you could get contraband (when it is added). Also maybe add a fuel element, food, water, and sanity.

Different levels to ships. One would be storage, one for ground transports, Crew living ares , eating, and entertainment spaces. Cells for captured enemies or bad crew members. Hanger for Fighters and ships.

Outside defenses and fighters. Fighters would attack the enemy ships and fighters. Outside defense would be not be crew controlled.

Level up rooms. Not like an upgrade but would increase the strength and other stats.

Crew living ares could be upgraded so then you could shave more crew members.

Locked doors. Being able to lock doors for a certain time period to protect that room from invaders.

No IAP purchases. Buy the game and get the whole game.

Thank you for reading this. I hav emote ideas just not enough time to put them all down.

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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by Jikity2 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:55 pm

[______]= side recommendations upon final reviewing. [third list answers the actual question]

In recent times there has been an increasing trend in space games no doubt. With all of these games, it is hard to pin-point ideas not already taken by other companies, proving most difficult for games starting later in the "game" (punny) to not copy others and end up making their sequel.

Through my hours or devotion to this game and its genre there have been some key elements that I have seen missing:
- An area of effect weapon- whether it be used in the form of a upgrade to grenades[perk or room], or as a whole new weapon system.
- Perks for ships- allow each specific ship (excluding color changes) to have perks. Ex. 5% faster dodge boost, or deal 2% more overall damage ([maybe even let that be a customization that the player makes.]

With overwhelming amounts of new features being added in preparation for the PC version, lots of the stuff already in the game cannot be neglected and may still need refining(as follows):
- Shield and hull regenerators- new rooms that regenerate a small bonus amount of recharge on the shields or hull, and when that section takes damage it begins to slowly regenerate (if the shields reach zero it won't keep regenerating, if the hull reaches explode)
- Sentries-maybe adding a control panel in the room [on the upgrade tab] to allow them to wheel around if someone is present in the room [or without someone present depending on how much of a hassle it would be to code that]

I have always enjoyed the mini-game layout of the battles, and found it to be a unique quality that only this game possesses.
I HIGHLY recommend keeping the mini-game layout but just making minor adjustments to fit the PC version:

- Try a meter that continually goes up and down and has to be clicked on a certain point/range
- A word pops up and you have to type it in,the faster you do it, the more damage you deal [I would only apply this to heavy or black hole mode due to the difficulty this may pose for younger players or have the words become more advanced per level of difficulty]
- Mashing a button (most likely space) [can cause a lot of noise or even break a key, causing fans to anger at the game]
- Using WASD in a sequence and having the audience repeat it [the longer they do it the bigger a multiplier for the weapons damage could be.]

I hope you can use my ideas to benefit your company to further this terrific game!

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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by Avamander » Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:33 pm

- Door locking (Doorsh have a certain health, when depleted the door opens, engineers can mend the door to keep it shut)
- General ship upgrades:
1) Fire removal
2) Door durability
3) Hyperdrive speedup
4) Fast lanes (Crew uses some sort of conveyer belt to move around the ship faster)
5) Alien containment cells. (That stun them and hold them until they could be taken to a jail for bounty)
6) Increased shields

- Add hatces so that I could vacuum those who are attacking into space
- Bigger ships for certain.
- Better crew AI (Avoid vacuum or possible vacuum areas), move one space to reach a enemy or fix hull also escape the room and run to the nearest "red" crew member when the room is breached)
- Auto disable auto-assign and auto-return during combats
- Add automatic dispatch of engineers and "blue" crew when it's safe. It is just time consuming to heal and fix the ship when resting and recruiting new crew)
- Make the vacuum so that in increases over time not instantly at full strenght. So that the crew has a chance to escape before being sucked into vacuum.
- Slow the game down a bit. I lost the last battle with the flagship because I wasn't able to manage it all on such tiny space that fast. When I slowed the game down it was much easier and I suffered no losses and won the battle.
- Add groups with the possibility to assign entire crew to a group, just in case I want to evacuate every crewmember to bridge.
- Make technologies and new skills obtainable from planets
- Add a wide variety of planets and races.
- Also make it possible to get a "brain-in-jar" and all races available for recruiting
- Add patrols. I would love to assign a few engineers, "blue" and "red" crewmembers to patrol and fix any issues encountered
- Add deseases, quarantine and that kind of things.
- Add forcefields to the game, so that I could block a corridor to stop the vacuum, fire or intruders.
- Add a co-op mode so that 2 players could play the game, manage a bit bigger ship and decide things together
- Add a lot of references to "Stargate", " Doctor Who" (and it's spinoffs) and "Warehouse 13".
- Add special crewmembers that have a special abilities and/or costumes.
- Make it possible to make the ship smaller from the outside
- Add player assisting AIs and bots. That do some specific task and help the player. (Hull breach fixer, terminator kind of robots, AI that warns you when a door is opened and so on)
- Come on, fix the bug where a crewmember opens the door, gets sucked into vacuum and then the door stays open and the other member in the room walks casually near the door and grets sucked into vacuum.
- Add more specific targeting, I would love to disable their weapons or teleporters
- Add that in some rare cases you can get new weapons and tech from destroyed ships.

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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by NewbySniper7C » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:09 pm

You could add in smaller rooms for certain things that are mandatory/come with the ship or you can build. Instead of having 3 upgrades like the rooms we see now, you could have 1 or 2 upgrades. Or the upgrades could be stackable. By that I mean have an upgrade bar but could have multiple bars for even better upgrades throughout the game.

Ideas for what the rooms could be, with your choice if mandatory or not, or if a large, medium or small room:

1. Ammo/gun room
Troops would collect guns and ammunition and can only hold onto a certain amount. Upgrades could affect damage, amount of ammunition, type of gun/weapon, ammo types.

2. A resting quarters
Everyone needs some sleep or some down time, so why not your crew?
Crew would come here to relax so they don't go crazy, because of all the death or fires that have happened in the past 5 minutes. Crew could be given a sanity bar or a energy bar, and they would have to go to this room so they don't go insane or fall asleep while shooting the enemy. The lower a crew mates sanity bar is, the higher the chance he/she will go around shooting every body or something bad. If the energy bar was empty, they would just fall asleep no mater what they're doing. Upgrades for the room could be: more beds/chairs, faster sanity/energy replenishing, bigger sanity/energy bars. Also there could be games in the room as well.

3. Food court/Lunch Room
If I were my crew, I'd be pretty annoyed that I didn't get to eat, so why not let them! This would mean crew would also have a food bar. If it went to low, the crew would starve. This would mean you would always have to make sure they were topped up on their daily mystery meat! Unless you made it automatic. This room would obviously feed your crew, and you could higher a crewmate or two to be a chef. Upgrades could be: bigger hunger bars, replenish hunger bar faster, food is made quicker/easier/cheaper.

4. Bathrooms
Think about it, your crew would just mark their territory in their room they were assigned and people wouldn't think to kindly of them. With this room, people would got to the wash room. Not really any uprades for this room. The choice is yours if you want crew to have a bladder bar. I think they could just automatically go when they wanted.

5. Janitors closet (preferably small room)
So your ship was boarded by Astarians and your crew just blew their brains out. Well, if you could call it a brain anyways. Your janitor/custodian would be there to clean up the mess (mainly through the corpse out the window but you get the picture). The custodian could be crew or a robot! They would go around cleaning the ship, keeping it nice and clean so your crew will stay happy! Keeping the ship clean would keep crew from going insane. Upgrades would be: faster cleaning, more robots (if they were robots)

Now some of these ideas my complicate the game or take some of the main gameplay away. They're just ideas so let me know if they won't work, or if there's a problem with them. The next up will be more benefiting rooms.

6. New gun rooms
New gun rooms would be handy because you could have weapons that would target shields or the hull or something. Different ways of damaging the enemy.
Poison bombs would gradually diminish the hulls health. Stuff like that.

7. Jet/ship bay
This is where you would store your ships that could be piloted by man or machine. This room would make jet tokens that would be used to send out jets. The limit of jet tokens is 3. If a ship/jet blows up, then you can start making another token. Upgrades would be: faster jets, jets do more damage, faster token speed, jet abilities.

8. Cargo bay
This room would hold all your loot you would take from pirates or the tokens you earn from battles. Upgrades would be: more cargo space.

That is it for my ideas as of right now. Feel free to comment on my ideas and have a good one :D


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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by NewbySniper7C » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:40 pm

Okay, so after commenting, I decided I have some more ideas.

I know you guys are adding them in but these are ideas of what they are like and what they do. Now because they're pirates, they probably don't have all the luxuries like star command. For instance, a working teleportation room. So pirates have a cheaper way of doing it which is getting really close to your ship, and putting some sort of walk way through from their ship to you and that's how they could board.

-New guns for crew to use
This would be better for your crew because the enemies in the future may get stronger, making better weaponry more useful. You could produce weapons in a room and they would show up build in your inventory.
Then you could drag certain weapons from that inventory to a crew member, giving him a new weapon!

-Enemy healers
These guys would simply heal the enemy.

-Many more types of sentrys
I think the current sentry idea is cool but sucks because you can't have that many running at the same time. You could make permanent sentrys that sit in the halls, waiting for inturuders or you could have man-operated turrets. Some would shoot plasma, some poison, and maybe even some bomb turret :D

-Many, many, many more costumes
Giving your crew hats would be amazing! It also would be easy to tell who's who on your ship! Your captain could stick out like a sore thumb! I'm not sure what type of hats, if they're decorative or they give an upgrade but either or, they would be cool! And clothes too, different types of uniforms. If your scientists level up, maybe at a certain point, they get a lab coat or something.

-Another colour group
By this I mean a green group or something. A new type of group with a new colour. In the beginning, before the proteus was destroyed, the captain had a green uniform. I think that would be cool :D

Love the game so far, can't wait for the updates and the PC Version :D


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Re: IMPROVE IT: Ship-to-Ship Battles

Post by urgedfour » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:45 pm

My suggestions for improving ship battles would be to add a more diverse range of weapons (or abilities) to choose from such as e.m.p.s that could randomly disable ship systems or a combat drone you could send to attack so you don't have to risk your crew. Another feature could be th ability to "lock down" rooms to confine invaders and if an invader was in a locked down room they might try and break down the door to get out. Also make certain ships behave differently based on the captain,the race of the majority of the crew, and the ship itself. For example one ship might try and disable your shields and overwhelming you with a boarding party and another ship may just destroy you. They might even be passive unless you attack them based on your standing with that faction. You should also have the ability to divert power to certain things or more smoothly then the current system by maybe being able to juice up your lasers to do more damage or your shields for faster recharge. I think engineers should effect the speed of power regeneration and maybe a chance to dodge attacks if someone works on the engine. Lastly only certain classes should be able to work certain consoles or maybe a severe rebuff if the person working the console Isn't the corresponding class. Sorry for the long post just throwing some more ideas out there.

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