Suggestion : Choice for captain background

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Suggestion : Choice for captain background

Post by acrylic7 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:22 am

Hello everyone,

I have played Starcommand in Android and love it. Of course it could have been better. I am interesting in Starcommand Galaxies Alphas. I have suggestion could you make player choose what's the captain background, like :
- who's his parents (admiral or traitors or amnesia guy or something)
- what his education background (Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Military academy or Science Academy, or something)
- how he join federation (follow his parents, to revenge his parents death, to explore the galaxy or something)
- what's his traits (passionate, arrogance, ambitious, perfectionist, etc)
- what's his skill (hacker, engineering, etc)
- and much more

The background would impact how the captain interact with other people and the story (like SIM with traits and personal goal). It would make it much more interesting rather than generic captain title. It would make the game have high replayable value. I don't know whether it have been implemented since I haven't played the Alphas. Thank you before (sorry for incorrect grammar)

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Re: Suggestion : Choice for captain background

Post by stevetranby » Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:01 pm

This is definitely something we've discussed and would love to get aspects of it in the game. We do want to limit the amount of explicit or forced story upon the player, so instead of choosing a specific background it may come across in the game by how you relate to various aliens or events.

Traits are similar to our loyalty and desires system.
There's definitely skill job classes though: hacker, etc.

The rest we may not be part of the game directly as we are thinking that we'd rather let the player build up and play out their own story alongside the game's events, choices, and actions. That said, there are definitely relationships and diplomacy stats and state that will affect the game in similar ways to what you describe.
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