What is Star Command: Galaxies?

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What is Star Command: Galaxies?

Post by Zavier » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:34 am

What is Star Command Galaxies?
In Star Command: Galaxies (SG:C) the universe is your playground. From your ship, you are able to explore and fight your way around planets. IN SC:G, your ship is like a mobile home base. Players will develop their ship to keep their crew happy, expand their reach by venturing out in the galaxy, and even explore or inhabit different planets. SC:G will be more open based and less restrictive then the mobile version. There are additional resources (no more tokens!), expanded content, and new features like diplomacy.

What can I do with a ship?
Ships will be fully customizable. No longer will players be locked into a few rooms with a few upgrades. You will be able to place the floor, walls, doors, right down to the lighting in each room. The amount of items, both interactive and decorative, is increasing daily.

Radiation and heat will affect certain rooms based on the objects in them. Players will have to create separate rooms to stop these from leaking out and hurting your crew.

Players will be able to invade other ships, but be cautious as some alien ships maybe toxic to your crew.

What is the crew system like?
Your crew will have some basic needs:

Players can create new interactive objects that crew will move to automatically to satisfy these needs. The better their needs are being met, the more effective in combat, away missions, diplomacy. Things like bathrooms, showers, and beds are needed to keep your crew in tip-top shape.

Wait, did you say I could visit planets? What else can I do?
Yes! It is possible to not only visit a planet but you can and will have to create bases on them. There will be different resources that can only be found on planets that are vital for your crew to survive.

Will SC:G have an over-arching plot?
SC:Galaxies will be open base space exploration with quests and an over arching goal for your crew. Will you ignore your mission to gain power and wealth? It's really up to the player how their game plays out! SCG features no narrative, like SC:Mobile's campaign mode, it's a completely different game. The focus i on you creating the narrative, weather you have a peace time ship or a war time ship, there are tools in place for you to create your own unique story. There will be no hand holding with stories that once you beat it once will be the same each time, we want to make it open ended.

Will there be multiplayer?
There will be no multiplayer in SC:Galaxies. The focus is on an expansive single player experience and is the most requested feature from our players.

Can we have multiple ships?
No, one ship will be so involved that you will not want to command multiple ships. Think of yourself as a captain of a ship, not the commander of a fleet.

Why is this different then the second Kickstarter?
The second Kickstarter was for an expanded Star Command. With the expanded team size and funding we are able to add much more content then we were expecting. SC:G has become far larger then the original Kickstarter visioned with more focus on away teams, diplomacy, and building over the combat focused mobile version (there will be a ton of combat too!)

What is the anticipated price?
SC:G will be priced like similar games and based on the content provided.
ets. price - $15-50

This information was taken from the SC:G Twitch live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8trFql5AIyU

Did he just say I could be an a**h*** tactician?!?
Yes, yes he did...
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Re: What is Star Command: Galaxies?

Post by Ender » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:28 am

Quick question: Will I need to buy the actual game release if I buy the alpha?

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Re: What is Star Command: Galaxies?

Post by AngerFork » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:27 am

Ender - Nope. Buying the alpha is the same as buying the actual game.

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