Important - What should I be doing?

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Important - What should I be doing?

Post by Zavier » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:34 am

What should I be doing?
This is a great question! The Closed Beta was mostly a success... We have a role to play and that includes Bug Hunting, Balancing, and Gameplay Discussion. Please use as much detail when posting as possible to give the developers the most help possible!

Graphic & Resolution Bugs
Especially important for Android users due to the many different resolution sizes and PPI. Report in the bug section and problems you see with black space or weird graphic issues.

Bug Hunting
This is important for this Beta as we will be testing the Universal version of Star Command. By reporting any issues you have with the game, all versions of Star Command will benefit. With each new release, new and old bugs are to be expected. You can help make the game better for all players.

Balancing should not be a huge issue with this Beta. If you feel anything is too easy or hard, please post in the Beta Discussion to let the developers know.

Gameplay Discussion
The team needs feedback on the game. Your comments and discussion are valued and you are welcome to share anything you feel the team needs to know in the Beta Discussion area. Trolling, insults, etc. will not be tolerated. Constructive and helpful discussion are welcome.
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