Alpha 1 bugs

Mac and Linux related issues or bugs.
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Alpha 1 bugs

Post by weeag » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:55 am

Finally getting around to testing this out - enjoy the Android version and looking forward to playing this on Mac!

A few bugs/issues I've encountered so far (probably known but I'm not seeing a 'Known Issues' list or anything)

1) ESC only brings up option for 'Exit', no saving, no returning to main menu (assuming those options aren't available in the Alpha). 'Exit' is also a little confusing, thinking I'm exiting that menu and returning to game only to discover it quits the game.

2) Occasionally ESC does nothing and I have to Force Quit to leave the game (usually associated with problem #3)

3) On some playthroughs characters shoot at equipment/characters instead of interacting with them (teleporters, power generator)

4) When everyone dies on the surface the map goes grey and you can't return to the ship.

5) Teleporting to the surface and back to the ship causes the exterior of the ship to be shown.

6) I'd really like to talk to those funny alien guys instead of shooting them on sight... :)

7) When moving equipment on the ship (when that ability works) causes major graphical glitches - different versions of the equipment appear and permanantly overlap the play area, everything stays black and white after replacing the items.

8) Side note - Launching the 'Science' app causes Finder to crash

I'm excited to see this game get wrapped up and finalized - it's been a long haul!

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