Battle at Antoria

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Battle at Antoria

Post by Harlock » Sat May 11, 2013 11:42 am

From the log of Phantom F. Harlock, Jr., Captain, Star Command Small Cruiser 'Arcadia'...

We came out of hyperspace in the Antorian system beak-to-beak with another of their Dreadnought (note: for some reason the SC Database has these ships identified with the misspelled 'dreadnaught'--I've been meaning to have my Science Officer report that…) class battleships.

"Ants! Why did it have to be ants???"

I knew this was it: the decisive battle that would either mark the end of Star Command or a new era of peace and exploration throughout the galaxy. I had to inspire my crew to give it everything.

"All hands, this is your Captain speaking! We've just arrived at the Antorian system and the weather looks fine. We'll be descending into a standard orbit momentarily. Gate information for passengers with connecting flights to the Tarsus sector will…uh…"

I had flashed back to my early days as a star pilot, puddle-jumping self-loading cargo on all the standard routes. Old habits die hard! I swallowed nervously before continuing, hoping that my ship would be just as hard to get rid of.

"Scratch that guys, look, never before in the hallowed history of Star Command has a crew been so well-trained, so battle-hardened, and so ready for the fight ahead. It has been my honor to serve as your captain and I KNOW that each and every one of you will do what it takes. ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS! Captain, out!"

I turned to my executive officer, First Officer Laney Schultz, and whispered, "We don't stand a chance. These bugs are going to crush us like--well, BUGS!"

Her eyes widened as she leaned over and clicked a switch on my console. "Captain, the comm was still on!"

I looked around the bridge at the stunned faces staring back at me. Great! Perfect end to the pep talk…

Looking back it's hard to remember all the details. The crew and ship performed admirably, even the three Midorian rookies we took on before leaving Earth. Before I knew it the Antorian ship was floating away in pieces on the vidscreen. But then we heard the distinctive tone of a Star Command hail… My skin crawled as the traitor's face came up on the screen.

I know I said the last fight would be the decisive battle, but this--THIS--was surely it.

We had barely had a chance to catch our collective breath after defeating the Antorian dreadnought… We were out of ammo and had only just begun generating new tokens. Blasts from Micari's supership hit left and right. In previous scraps the crew had huddled in one weapons room, providing a single choke point to defend. I knew this time that we needed to hit Micari with everything the Arcadia had.

"All hands! Remain at your posts until further notice. I want one engine room troop in each weapons room to conduct repairs as needed. First Officer Haynes--report to 'A' Deck between the dodge generator and laser cannon! Captain Out!"

"Sir, we only have one deck," my XO pointed out.

"That's not important right now. Listen up everyone! We're going to abandon the bridge and meet on 'A' Deck--I mean, in the HALLWAY by the dodge generator. Arm yourselves and prepare to repel boarders!"

In seconds we were in position. It's not a very big ship.

"Captain!" called Carpenter from the laser cannon, "I'm sorry sir, but our timing is out of whack over here! We keep missing!"

I told her to clear her mind, stop THINKING about what she was doing and just DO it. "BECOME the laser cannon, Katelyn! Visualize yourself destroying the target before you've even pulled the trigger!"

Our shields were taking a beating. We couldn't generate tokens fast enough. Boarders were getting through and wreaking havoc on my ship! Suddenly Micari's fire erupted on the bridge, breaching the hull.

Norris from Engineering came over the comm, "I'll get right to the bridge to repair that damage, sir!"

"BELAY THAT, Ariel! Stay at your post!" I knew we had to let that smug S.O.B. think he had us on the ropes. "All hands, stay clear of the bridge and keep firing!"

Another call screeched through the comm; it was Saark in the shield booster room. "Boarders are in the room, I can't hold them off!"

This shield generator was our ace-in-the-hole. After several narrow victories I had ordered the engineering team to delete the healing room previously installed and put in the shield booster. In fact, if I lived through this fight I intended to suggest to SC HQ that shield boosters replace healing rooms in ALL small cruisers. An 'ounce of prevention' and what-not.

We stormed in, photon pistols blazing! A heavy ant hit me hard, knocking me across the deck. I stood, wiped the blood from my mouth with a gloved fist, and aimed.


My plasma torpedo crew, First Officers Alize Malone and Fabiola Caldwell, were like a well-oiled machine. Even though the Armstrong class' flight manual indicates that the system can only put out three shots per cycle, my team was routinely getting four or five hits with each salvo.

Suddenly the ship rocked, inertial stabilizers stressed to the edge of tolerance. I clenched my eyes shut, steeling myself in anticipation of being pulled out of a gaping hole in my hull at any second. Cheers rang out through the ship! The turbulence was the Arcadia, tumbling in the wake of Micari's ship exploding! We had done it!


ATTENTION ADMIRAL WEBER, Commander, Star Command HQ:

The following crew are hereby submitted for decoration due to extreme gallantry in the face of…extreme…danger.

First Officer John Smith, Midorian bridge officer
the other First Officer John Smith, Midorian bridge officer
First Officer Emilee Lynch, dodge generator
First Officer Ashley McCormick, dodge generator
First Officer Ariel Norris, engine room
First Officer Laney Schultz, XO, engine room
First Officer Janiya Haynes, Chief Medical Officer, shield booster room
Her Serene Emerald Grace, First Officer Princess Saark, Daughter of the House of Midor'i and Keeper of the Sacred Melon, shield booster room
First Officer Fabiola Caldwell, plasma torpedo room
First Officer Alize Malone. plasma torpedo room
First Officer Katelyn Carpenter, laser cannon room
First Officer Veeb, Midorian, laser cannon room

And finally, recommended for the Violet Pulmonary Medal for injuries sustained during combat operations:

First Officer John 'Jane' Smith, Midorian bridge officer.

Phantom F. Harlock, Jr.
Star Command Small Cruiser 'Arcadia'

Log entry ends.

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